GET Agents/Default

Get the default agent

POST Agents/SendMessage

Send message

POST Agents/{id}/ListenIn

Listen in on agent

GET Agents/{id}/SeeIn

See in on agent

GET Agents/{id}/AuthenticationTokens

Get list of authentication tokens for an agent

POST Agents/{id}/AuthenticationTokens

Create new authentication token for an agent

PUT Agents/{id}/AuthenticationTokens/{token}

Update a authentication token for an agent

DELETE Agents/{id}/AuthenticationTokens/{token}

Delete an authentication token for an agent

GET Agents

Get list of agents

GET Agents/{id}

Get a specific agent

POST Agents

Create an agent

PUT Agents/{id}

Update agent

DELETE Agents/{id}

Delete agent

GET Calls/{callId}/Annotations

Get annotations for specific call

PUT Calls/Annotations/{id}

Update annotation

PUT Calls/{callId}/Annotations/{id}

Update annotation. DEPRECATED: Use Calls/Annotations/{id}

POST Calls/Annotations

Create annotation

POST Calls/{callId}/Annotations

Create annotation. DEPRECATED: Use Calls/Annotations

DELETE Calls/Annotations/{id}

Delete annotation

DELETE Calls/{callId}/Annotations/{id}

Delete annotation. DEPRECATED: Use Calls/Annotations/{id}

GET Calls/RecordingProcessingStatus

No documentation available.

GET Calls/RecordingProcessingJobLinkState

No documentation available.

GET Calls/{callid}/Recordings/{recordingid}/Details

Get recording by its call id and recording id

GET Calls/{callid}/Recordings

Get recording by its callId and RecordingRequest settings

GET Calls/{callid}/Recordings/Status

Get the status of a recording file by its callId and RecordingRequest settings

GET Calls/{callid}/Recordings/Download

Download recording based on its callId and RecordingRequest settings

DELETE Calls/{callid}/Recordings

Delete recording by callid

DELETE Calls/{callid}/Recordings/{recordingid}

Delete recording by recording id

GET Calls/{callid}/Recordings/Waveform

Get recording waveform

GET Calls/{callid}/Recordings/Waveform/Status

Get the status of the creation of the waveform of a recording by its callId and RecordingRequest settings

GET Calls/{callid}/Recordings/Waveform/Download

Download the generate waveform of a recording based on its callId and RecordingRequest settings

POST Calls/Recordings/SetDeletionDate

Set recording deletion date

POST Calls/Find

Start an async query of the calls.

GET Calls/Find/{id}/Status

Reports the progress of a query.

GET Calls/Find/{id}

Gets the result of a query.

GET Calls

Get list of Calls (Find Call)

GET Calls/{id}

Get call details

GET CapiGroups/Default

Get the default capi group

GET CapiGroups

Get list of capi groups

GET CapiGroups/{id}

Get a specific capi group

POST CapiGroups

Create a capi group

PUT CapiGroups/{id}

Update capi group

DELETE CapiGroups/{id}

Delete capi group

POST Clients/Cati/StartManualCall

Start a manual call on Cati (identical to CatiClient.DialNumber)

POST Clients/Cati/Call/{id}/EndTask

End task on Cati (identical to CatiClient.EndTask)

GET CodingGroups/Default

Get default coding group

GET CodingGroups

Get list of coding groups

GET CodingGroups/{id}

Get a specific coding group

POST CodingGroups

Create a coding group

PUT CodingGroups/{id}

Update coding group

DELETE CodingGroups/{id}

Delete coding group

GET CTScriptTasks/Default

Get the default CTScript task

GET CTScriptTasks/{id}/Content

Get CTScript task content

PUT CTScriptTasks/{id}/Content

Update the content of this CTScript task

GET CTScriptTasks

Get list of CTScript tasks

GET CTScriptTasks/{id}

Get a specific CTScript task

POST CTScriptTasks

Create a CTScript task

PUT CTScriptTasks/{id}

Update CTScript task

DELETE CTScriptTasks/{id}

Delete task

POST DatabaseConnectionConfiguration/{id}/TestConnectionString

Test DatabaseConnectionConfiguration

POST DatabaseConnectionConfiguration/TestConnectionString

Test connection string

GET DatabaseConnectionConfiguration

Get list of DatabaseConnectionConfiguration

GET DatabaseConnectionConfiguration/{id}

Get a specific DatabaseConnectionConfiguration

POST DatabaseConnectionConfiguration

Create a DatabaseConnectionConfiguration

PUT DatabaseConnectionConfiguration/{id}

Update DatabaseConnectionConfiguration

DELETE DatabaseConnectionConfiguration/{id}

Delete DatabaseConnectionConfiguration

GET EmailBoxes/Default

Get the default EmailBox

GET EmailBoxes

Get list of EmailBoxes

GET EmailBoxes/{id}

Get a specific EmailBox

POST EmailBoxes

Create an EmailBox

PUT EmailBoxes/{id}

Update EmailBox

DELETE EmailBoxes/{id}

Delete EmailBox

GET Enums/CcaObjects

Get list of CcaObjects

GET Enums/{enumname}

Get list of possible values for an enum

GET Files/{name}

Verify whether a predefined file (setup, click&go, etc) is available

GET Files/Requests/{datatoken}/Status

Get a file status a file by its datatoken

GET Files/Requests/{datatoken}/Download

Download a file by its datatoken

GET Files

Get the list of special CCA filenames (Setups, ClickAndGo, ...) that can be used as download id

GET GeneralSettings

Get list of Settings

GET GeneralSettings/{id}

Get a specific Setting

PUT GeneralSettings/{id}

Update Setting

GET Groups

Get list of Groups

GET InboundGroups/Default

Get the default InboundGroup

GET InboundGroups

Get list of InboundGroups

GET InboundGroups/{id}

Get a specific InboundGroup

POST InboundGroups

Create an InboundGroup

PUT InboundGroups/{id}

Update InboundGroup

DELETE InboundGroups/{id}

Delete InboundGroup

GET InboundNumbers/Default

Get the default InboundNumber

GET InboundNumbers

Get list of InboundNumbers

GET InboundNumbers/{id}

Get a specific InboundNumber

POST InboundNumbers

Create an InboundNumber

PUT InboundNumbers/{id}

Update InboundNumber

DELETE InboundNumbers/{id}

Delete InboundNumber

GET IVRProjects/Default

Get the default IVR project

GET IVRProjects

Get list of IVR projects

GET IVRProjects/{id}

Get a specific IVR project

GET Jobs

Get list of jobs

GET Jobs/{id}

Get a specific Job

GET JobSchedules

Get list of JobSchedules

GET JobSchedules/{id}

Get a specific JobSchedule

POST JobSchedules

Create a JobSchedule

PUT JobSchedules/{id}

Update JobSchedule

DELETE JobSchedules/{id}

Delete JobSchedule

GET Labels/{id}

Get label for specific language

GET ListJobEmails

Get list of contact list email jobs

GET ListJobEmails/{id}

Get a specific contact list email job

POST ListJobEmails

Create a contact list email job

PUT ListJobEmails/{id}

Update contact list email job

DELETE ListJobEmails/{id}

Delete contact list email job

GET ListJobSwitchContactModes

Get list of contact list switch contact mode jobs

GET ListJobSwitchContactModes/{id}

Get a specific contact list switch contact mode job

POST ListJobSwitchContactModes

Create a contact list switch contact mode job

PUT ListJobSwitchContactModes/{id}

Update contact list switch contact mode job

DELETE ListJobSwitchContactModes/{id}

Delete contact list switch contact mode job

GET ListJobUpdateDatas

Get list of contact list update data jobs

GET ListJobUpdateDatas/{id}

Get a specific contact list update data job

POST ListJobUpdateDatas

Create a contact list update data job

PUT ListJobUpdateDatas/{id}

Update contact list update data job

DELETE ListJobUpdateDatas/{id}

Delete contact list update data job

GET Lists/{id}/DatabaseSettings

Get database settings to connect directly to SQL Server data

GET Lists/Default

Get the default List

POST Lists/{id}/Start

Start list

POST Lists/{id}/Stop

Stop list

POST Lists/{id}/UpdateWithExternalData

Update list data with current external data

POST Lists/FindContacts

Find contacts

GET Lists/FindContacts/{id}/Status

Find contacts

GET Lists/FindContacts/{id}

Find contacts

POST Lists/{id}/SetCallNow

Enable/disable call now for contacts in list

POST Lists/{id}/SetPriority

Set user priority for contacts in list

POST Lists/{id}/SetField

Set field values for contacts in list

GET Lists/{id}/Contact/{contactid}/Appointment

Get appointment for contact in list

PUT Lists/{id}/Contact/{contactid}/Appointment

Set appointment for contact in list

DELETE Lists/{id}/Contact/{contactid}/Appointment

Delete appointment for contact in list

GET Lists

Get list of Lists

GET Lists/{id}

Get a specific List

POST Lists

Create a List

PUT Lists/{id}

Update List

DELETE Lists/{id}

Delete List

GET Locations

Get list of Locations

GET Locations/{id}

Get a specific Location

GET Modules

Get list of Modules

GET Modules/{id}

Get a specific Module

POST Modules

Create a Module

PUT Modules/{id}

Update Module

DELETE Modules/{id}

Delete Module

GET OutboundGroups/Default

Get the default OutboundGroup

GET OutboundGroups

Get list of OutboundGroups

GET OutboundGroups/{id}

Get a specific OutboundGroup

POST OutboundGroups

Create an OutboundGroup

PUT OutboundGroups/{id}

Update OutboundGroup

DELETE OutboundGroups/{id}

Delete OutboundGroup

GET Pauses

Get list of Pauses

GET Pauses/{id}

Get a specific Pause

POST Pauses

Create a Pause

PUT Pauses/{id}

Update Pause

DELETE Pauses/{id}

Delete Pause

GET Reports/Default

Get the default Report

POST Reports/{id}/Run

Run report

GET Reports/{id}/Parameters

List of the parameters for the specified report.

GET Reports/Requests/{reqid}/OpenPDF

Open report

GET Reports/Requests/{reqid}

Get progress for specified id

GET Reports/Requests/{reqid}/Stop

Stop running report

GET Reports/Requests/{reqid}/Download

Download report

GET Reports/{objtype}/{objid}

List objectreports for specific object id.

POST Reports/{objtype}/{objid}/{repid}/Run

Runs object report with specified id

GET Reports/{objtype}/{objid}/{repid}/Parameters

Details the specified id.

GET Reports

Get list of reports

GET Reports/{id}

Get a specific Report

POST Reports

Create a Report

PUT Reports/{id}

Update Report

DELETE Reports/{id}

Delete Report

GET Restrictions/Default

Get the default Restriction

GET Restrictions/Allowed/{type}/Create

Gets whether the current user is allow to create an object of an objectType.

GET Restrictions/Allowed/{type}/Delete

Gets whether the current user is allow to delete an object of an objectType.

GET Restrictions/Allowed/{type}/ViewDefault

Gets default view value for current user of an objectType.

GET Restrictions/Allowed/{type}/EditDefault

Gets default edit value for current user of an objectType.

GET Restrictions/Allowed/{type}/{objectId}/{option}

Gets default of the restriction for the current user on an object of an objectType.

GET Restrictions/Allowed/General/{generalOption}

Gets the value of the general restriction for the current user.

GET Restrictions/Allowed/Environment/{environmentOption}

Gets the value of the environment option for the current option.

GET Restrictions

Get list of Restrictions

GET Restrictions/{id}

Get a specific Restriction

POST Restrictions

Create a Restriction

PUT Restrictions/{id}

Update Restriction

DELETE Restrictions/{id}

Delete Restriction

GET Routes/Default

Get the default Route

GET Routes

Get list of Routes

GET Routes/{id}

Get a specific Route

POST Routes

Create a Route

PUT Routes/{id}

Update Route

DELETE Routes/{id}

Delete Route

GET Server/UpdateId

Get update id

GET Server/State

Get service state

GET Server/Time

Server time

GET Server/Configuration

Get server configuration

GET Session/TimeRemaining

Get the remaining session time in seconds

GET Session/{token}/Check

Check if token is valid

PUT Session/KeepAlive

If the token is valid, the session will be extended

POST Session

Login to the API with username, password and module

DELETE Session

Log out of the API

GET Skills/Default

Get the default Skill

GET Skills

Get list of Skills

GET Skills/{id}

Get a specific Skill

POST Skills

Create a Skill

PUT Skills/{id}

Update Skill

DELETE Skills/{id}

Delete Skill

GET Slas/Default

Get the default SLA

GET Slas

Get list of Slas

GET Slas/{id}

Get a specific SLA


Create a SLA

PUT Slas/{id}

Update SLA

DELETE Slas/{id}

Delete SLA

GET SpeechJobs

Get list of speechjobs

GET SpeechJobs/{id}

Get a specific SpeechJob

POST SpeechJobs

Create a SpeechJob

PUT SpeechJobs/{id}

Update SpeechJob

DELETE SpeechJobs/{id}

Delete SpeechJob

GET SpeechKeywordGroups/Default

Get the default SpeechKeywordGroup

GET SpeechKeywordGroups/{id}/UsedBy

Lists the ids of all SpeechJobs and SpeechKeywordGroups in which this SpeechKeywordGroup is used

GET SpeechKeywordGroups/Export

Export all keywordgroups to MS Excel. Specific keyword group ids can be exported by specifying a comma separated query parameter 'ids'

GET SpeechKeywordGroups/{id}/Export

Export specific keywordgroup to MS Excel. SpeechKeywordGroup id

POST SpeechKeywordGroups/Import

Import keywords

GET SpeechKeywordGroups

Get list of SpeechKeywordGroup

GET SpeechKeywordGroups/{id}

Get a specific SpeechKeywordGroup

POST SpeechKeywordGroups

Create a SpeechKeywordGroup

PUT SpeechKeywordGroups/{id}

Update SpeechKeywordGroup

DELETE SpeechKeywordGroups/{id}

Delete SpeechKeywordGroup

GET SurveyTasks/Default

Get the default survey

GET SurveyTasks/{id}/DatabaseSettings

Get database settings to connect directly to SQL Server data

GET SurveyTasks/{id}/Content

Get survey task content

PUT SurveyTasks/{id}/Content

Update the content of this survey task

PUT SurveyTasks/{id}/WebConnections/{webConnectionId}

Set survey task online/offline for web connection (create if necessary)

POST SurveyTasks/{id}/WebConnections/{webConnectionId}

Add survey task to web connection and set off-line

DELETE SurveyTasks/{id}/WebConnections/{webConnectionId}

Remove survey task from web connection

GET SurveyTasks/{id}/Quota

Get Quota

PUT SurveyTasks/{id}/Quota

Update quota values (to change quota structure use add/remove functions)

GET SurveyTasks/{id}/Quota/Revert

Revert quota

POST SurveyTasks/{id}/Quota/Revert

Revert quota

GET SurveyTasks/{id}/Quota/Save

Save quota

POST SurveyTasks/{id}/Quota/Save

Save quota

POST SurveyTasks/{id}/Quota/{token}/{questionid}

Add question

POST SurveyTasks/{id}/Quota/{token}/Questions

Add questions

POST SurveyTasks/{id}/Quota/{token}/Group

Add group

POST SurveyTasks/{id}/Quota/{token}/Range

Add range

DELETE SurveyTasks/{id}/Quota/{token}

Remove quota question, group, or numeric range

DELETE SurveyTasks/{id}/Quota

Remove quotas question, group, or numeric range

GET SurveyTasks/{id}/Quota/Lock

Lock quota

POST SurveyTasks/{id}/Quota/Lock

Lock quota

GET SurveyTasks/{id}/Quota/Unlock

Unlock Quota

POST SurveyTasks/{id}/Quota/Unlock

Unlock Quota

GET SurveyTasks/{id}/Quota/LockStatus

Get lock status of quota

GET SurveyTasks/{id}/Quota/Availability/{listId}/{contactMode}

Get quota availability for a specific survey task, list and contact mode

PUT SurveyTasks/{id}/Quota/Allocation/Face/{token}/{agentid}

Set Allocation for Face by token and agent

PUT SurveyTasks/{id}/Quota/Allocation/Web/{token}/{brokerid}

Set Allocation for Web by token and broker

GET SurveyTasks/{id}/Quota/Verify

Verify quota (sanity check)

GET SurveyTasks/{id}/Feedback

Get survey feedback

GET SurveyTasks/{id}/Feedback/{idFeedback}/Screenshot

Get feedback screenshot

GET SurveyTasks/{id}/Feedback/{idFeedback}/Interview

Get feedback interview data

POST SurveyTasks/{id}/FindInterviews

Find interview IDs request

GET SurveyTasks/{id}/FindInterviews/{requestId}/Status

Find interview IDs status

GET SurveyTasks/{id}/FindInterviews/{requestId}

Find interview IDs result

GET SurveyTasks/{id}/Interview/{interviewId}

Find interview IDs status

GET SurveyTasks

Get list of survey tasks

GET SurveyTasks/{id}

Get a specific survey

POST SurveyTasks

Create a survey task

PUT SurveyTasks/{id}

Update survey task

DELETE SurveyTasks/{id}

Delete survey

GET Tasks/{id}/Content

Get task content

PUT Tasks/{id}/Content

Update the content of this task

GET Tasks

Get list of tasks

GET Tasks/{id}

Get a specific task

GET VBScriptTasks/Default

Get the default VBScript

GET VBScriptTasks/{id}/Content

Get the VBScript content

PUT VBScriptTasks/{id}/Content

Update the content of this VBScript task

GET VBScriptTasks

Get list of VBScript tasks

GET VBScriptTasks/{id}

Get a specific VBScript

POST VBScriptTasks

Create a VBScript task

PUT VBScriptTasks/{id}

Update VBScript

DELETE VBScriptTasks/{id}

Delete VBScript task

PUT WebConnections/{id}/SurveyTasks/{surveyid}

Set survey online/offline for web connection (create if necessary)

POST WebConnections/{id}/SurveyTasks/{surveyid}

add survey to web connection and set off-line

DELETE WebConnections/{id}/SurveyTasks/{surveyid}

remove survey from web connection

GET WebConnections

Get list of Web connections

GET WebConnections/{id}

Get a specific Web connection

GET Webs/Default

Get the default Web

GET Webs

Get list of Webs

GET Webs/{id}

Get a specific Web


Create a Web

PUT Webs/{id}

Update Web

DELETE Webs/{id}

Delete Web